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Custom Order Hats

Everything you need to know to design and order your hat

Basic Styles

Trapper Hat


Klondike Hat


Mountain Man Hat

Pillbox Hat


Mad Bomber Hat


Chore Hat


All hats have these options:


1)Liner - inside the hat, at the very top of the head.

   A}Polar fleece- This is my most often used liner, it comes in many colors and patterns, it is soft and it works well for most applications.

   B}Wool fabric- This is what I recommend for people who use their gear hard in the wilderness. Wool is warm when wet and if you depend on this gear to survive that small margin can make a difference, I recommend this for mushers especially. Due to allergies I seldom use wool for inventory items.


2)Ties - What hold the hat closed - see pictures below


     a]Braided Leather- This is the classic hat look, it looks good and is very strong.

     b]Leather Strips- This is easier to tie with gloves on and usually works with a cord-lock slider. More prone to breaking, and I generally make this style removable so they can be replaced when they break. For this reason I seldom use it in inventory items.


   B}Paracord or similar cordage- For a more utilitarian look and feel. Easy to use with gloves and comes with a cord-lock slider. This can be terminated in two ways

     a]Leather tab - can end in a single tab or both strings can have their own tab

     b]Fur pom-poms - can end in a single big pom-pom or two separate pom-poms


3)Bill - A simple bill can be added to any custom order hat. See pictures below

4)Tail - Any kind of tail can be added to any stye of hat. See pictures below


Braided leather ties


Paracord and pom-poms


Trapper hat with bill and braided ties


Trapper hat with tail


Leather strip ties


Paracord and leather tab


Klondike hat with bill


Klondike hat with tail

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