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For several years now I've been making unique dream-catchers from antlers and embelishing other natural found items.

If there is a price on the image it is currently for sale, if not and you like what you see, send me an email inquiry and I'd be happy to work on a custom piece for you. I can use my antlers or yours for custom orders.

I take PayPal and credit cards over the phone

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2017 Kenai Peninsula Fair Grand Champion

Dreams Of The North

This one is made from a caribou antler shed and has three separate webs. The top two have elegant golden leaves in the centers and the big main web has a crystallized wolf bone in the center. It is embellished with muskox and wolf fur and a red fox tail. I cleaned the wolf bone and grew the crystal on it.

Pictures Coming Soon!!

2015 Kenai Peninsula Fair Grand Champion

This is my first dream-catcher and my first Grand Championship. Its a Kenai Mountain Caribou antler shed with two separate webs. The big web has a pair of black bear canines in the center, the small web has a black bear claw in the center and both webs have small glass beads worked into the design.

Grand Champion
With a ruler for scale
Large wed
Small web

2016 Kenai Peninsula Fair First Place

This one is made from a caribou antler with black string web and green and blue beads. Its got a leaf bead in the center and feathers from a captive bird.

Small custom made dream catcher with a crystallized wolf bone in the center. I made this as a donation for the 2016 Kenai Peninsula Trappers Association for our end of season banquet. I cleaned the wolf bone and grew the crystal.

Here is a custom ordered caribou antler dream-catcher. Its got a purple and gold wire wrapped buffalo tooth in the center and blue and purple beads worked into the web.

Caribou antler dream-catcher with three colors of beads and tan web string. It currently has nothing in the center, but if you'd like to purchase it I would be happy to add a centerpiece.

This is the only dream-catcher that I have available for purchase at the moment.

Please send me an email to purchase an item or request a custom work

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