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This page is dedicated to what can only be called Costumes.Here are some of the big projects that I've had a lot of fun making and showing off. If you want to purchase something like these, email me and we can talk

The Werewolf

This werewolf costume was a year long project and was a collaborative effort with a good friend who is a mask maker. This is the end result. I used two Kenai Peninsula lice wolves  to create this ensemble. The mask jaw is articulated, the bones are all real moose and caribou bones that have all been adorned with elder futhark runes. The top is red fox and lamb leather, the skirt is lamb leather, the gloves are coyote with hand made claws and those are real wolf feet on the boots. The shaman staff is diamond willow with a head-shot wolf skull I salvaged, repaired and painted with more elder futhark runes, the staff also goes with the wolf-bear and this wolf mask goes surprisingly well with the wolf-bear coat.

So I was wearing my new warewolf costume at the Kenai High School Black Friday Show (2018) when I was interviewed by KSRM!! Check it out! Definitely the coolest thing to happen in a while!

Gold Standard Furs Radio Interview - KSRM Radio Group


The Wolf-Bear is a creation that I've been working on for quite some time now. I just finally got it done in time for Fur Rondy, and had a blast walking the streets of downtown Anchorage. There will be more pics of this outfit to come soon, I also have a wonderful diamond willow and wolf skull staff to go with it!

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