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Hand Sewn Fur

Thank you for looking at my sewing work! Below you will find my portfolio of Trapper Hats, arranged by fur type. Trapper hats are my favorite hat to wear and make. They are durable, pack-able, warm, stylish and versatile. The ear flaps cover your cheeks well and will keep you warm even on the coldest days, and the leather sides are the best windbreaker you'll find. In my opinion if you could only have one hat, it should be a Trapper Hat. Please see the Build Your Hat page for ways to customize these hats and browse around for ideas of what the different furs look like and to help tailor your hat to your taste! I've always got Trapper Hats in stock which can be viewed on the Shop page.

If you see something you love, please email me to commission something like it.

Everything here was HAND MADE by me at my home in Kenai Alaska.

I accept PayPal and credit cards over the phone.

Classic Beaver Trapper Hats

Wolf Trapper Hats

Fox Trapper Hats - No Tail

Fox Trapper Hats - With Tail

Black Bear Trapper Hats

Lynx Trapper Hats

Coyote Trapper Hats

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